Today I want to tell you how to teach your puppy not to bite your hands, feet, legs, arms, or any other part of your body.

Before I give you my advice on how to train your puppy not to bite, let’s have a look at the reasons why your puppy bites. First of all you need to know, that

mouthing, nipping and play biting are absolutely natural behaviours for every dog. Puppies use their mouths to investigate everything around them (just like small children).

Did you ever wonder why you can’t get your new puppy from the breeder right after it’s born, and have to wait at least 8 weeks, until he’s “big” enough to leave his mom and litter mates?

One of the reasons why it is like that, is that puppies have to learn bite inhibition (ability to control the force of their mouthing). The best way for them to learn is by interacting with their litter mates and parents.

If you ever had a chance to observe puppies playing together, you probably noticed that if one of them is biting another to hard, that puppy yelps and walks away. In time puppies learn that biting to hard ends playtime and they learn to soften their mouths.

This brings us to

Now our ultimate goal here is to teach your dog bite inhibition, but with people.