Hi, and welcome to dogtrainingpositive.uk!

My name is Lukasz Jabcon and I’m a lucky owner of two beautiful German Shepherd Dogs named Zuza and Gypsy.

For more than 30 years I’ve been living with dogs and for more than 10 I was owned by a few. I would like to share my passion of training dogs using positive training methods with people who struggle with their first dogs.

I am not a professional dog trainer, just a guy that has his point of view on dog training in general and someone who had been around dogs and owned them (mostly German Shepherds) since his youngest years.

I’ve been through a lot with my dogs, as some of them were rescue dogs with behavioural issues like separation anxiety, dog to dog aggression and food aggression. Some of them were very strong on the lead, some had no recall. I trained them myself using positive reinforcement methods and I want to teach you, how to teach your dog in a pleasant, and humane way.

We will not be using any negative reinforcement in our training. No prong collars, no “corrections” or anything that could possibly make your relationship with your dog worse than it is at the moment. I want you to build a great relationship with your dog and I want you to be able to teach your dog in a way that is both effective and fun for you and your dog.

I hope to help those of you who have never owned a dog, or are looking for a better, more effective way of training.

I will be writing not only about clicker training (my favourite method of training new behaviours), but also about training equipment, healthy dog food and treats, or interesting dog training books.

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Enjoy reading!